A bit about me …

fullsizeoutput_27db.jpegI’m a certified sleep consultant and mum of 2 under 3. I trained with The Sleep Nanny, Lucy Shrimpton, one of the UK’s leading infant and child sleep experts,who remains my mentor.

I came to sleep consultancy because I was where you are. In November last year, I had an infant who hated napping and a two year old who needed bottles to settle whenever he woke up in the night (up to four times). I was a mess. Sleep deprivation was ruining me: I struggled to follow simple instructions, reversed into bollards and sat in tears at 3am beside the bed of a child who would not sleep. I thought I’d tried everything and nothing worked.

And then I turned to a sleep consultant and she honestly changed our lives.

Working with our consultant helped me piece our lives back together, first and foremost by giving our children the sleep that they needed and then by giving my husband and me the lives we had long forgotten we had.

Solving my children’s sleep problems led me to retrain as a sleep consultant: I want to pay this incredible gift forward to other families who are struggling with their child’s sleep.

Get in touch and see how I can help!

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