Spring Forward: Surviving the Spring clock change!

Clocks go forward on 31st March! Are you dreading it? Or are you seeing this as an opportunity to finally get them sleeping past 6am but worried about getting them to bed at normal time? Rest assured, there’s a solution!

Of the two clock-changes, Spring – when we move the clock forward – can be the easier to manage, but it also heralds the shift into shorter nights which can sometimes lead to bedtime battles and early rises, wreaking havoc on even the most established sleep patterns.  So be prepared!

You have three ways in which you can tackle the upcoming clock change:

Cold Turkey

Hit that clock change head on. If 7pm is their usual bedtime, go for 6pm instead.

Gradual Shift

From Wednesday night, gradually bring their bedtime forward by 15minutes a night. So if 7pm is bedtime, put them to bed at 6.45 on Weds, 6.30 on Thursday, 6.15 on Friday and bingo! 6pm on Saturday night.

Split the Difference

Go for a 6.30pm bedtime on Saturday night and ‘normal’ bedtime on Sunday.

Be consistent, be persistent and deal with any sleep disruptions with early beds or longer naps to ensure that overtiredness doesn’t rear its ugly head! And any disruption that does occur will settle down within the week – just make stick to your plan and you’ll be fine.

Good luck!

Struggling to get enough sleep? Get in touch and see how I can help bring the gift of sleep into your home sooner than you think.

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