About Me

Lucy Barker

I’m a Sleep Consultant and mum of two small children. I trained with The Sleep Nanny, Lucy Shrimpton, one of the UK’s leading infant and child sleep experts. I’ve worked with families from all over the world, successfully turning exhausted, seemingly snooze-resistant little ones into champion sleepers.

I am passionate about sleep. It’s key to our development and to our sanity. Sleep deprivation isn’t a joke, I know because I’ve been there. A Sleep Consultant changed our lives when she helped me to get my two children sleeping after months of nightly tagteaming. I know how isolating and debilitating it is when you’re surviving on a few hours of sleep and work is looming. And I now know how incredible it feels to come out the other side.

Teaching your child to sleep can be tough, but I bring both my extensive experience as a Consultant and my empathy and understanding as a formerly sleep-deprived mum to every single family I work with so that you never feel like you’re going through it alone.

I work with children from 18 weeks but I particularly enjoy the challenge of a cheeky toddler – I see a lot of sleep issues crop up when a child turns one and while these children can be quite noisy in the process, once they’re sleeping well, you’ve got a child who’ll sleep well forever!

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