I am amazed at how quickly things turned around!

In just 4 nights my daughter went from standing in her cot screaming and having 4-5 hours sleep a night to sleeping through the night and went back to napping in the routine I had previously set for her!

Lara & Penny

To be on the other side of sleep deprivation feels amazing!

We were originally under the belief that we just had a child ‘who didn’t sleep’, but Lucy assured us from our first conversation that he could … and would. By the second night he had slept through.

Louise & Marley

Lucy has helped me turn an exhausted, grumpy little girl into her bubbly, playful and bursting with energy self again!

Lucy has been with us the whole way and that’s what’s helped me stay consistent and strong. She’s answered every worry and question I’ve had and given me all the advice and support I’ve needed.

Dani & Bella