My Gentle Approach

I use gentle, proven methods that promote secure attachment between parents and their child to resolve the most challenging of sleep behaviours, including:

  • Regular night wakings
  • Screaming bedtimes
  • Bedhopping
  • Early rising
  • Nap issues
  • Inability to self-settle
  • Dummy/Bottle dependency
  • Unsettled habits due to reflux and CMPA

My processes are gentle because they start from where you are now – at no point will you be asked to shut the door and walk away. You or your child’s sleep crutch or association are gently removed so that they become confident in going to sleep on their own.

I work within the well established Sleep Nanny system which ensures that your child feels supported and loved whilst being given the skills they need to become independent little sleepers for the rest of their lives. And each plan is tailored to the unique needs of each individual child.

There’s no magic wand and it’s not easy but if you’re ready to make that change, I can promise you that, with my help, your child could be sleeping through in two weeks.

Book a free fifteen minute sleep evaluation now, or simply pick from one of my packages here and take those first, powerful steps towards you all getting a good night’s sleep today!