If anyone is struggling with sleep … call Lucy now!

PTS_1778-EditIf you’d told me that in less than two weeks we would have a child who would go down for naps and to bed at night with no fuss, and would also sleep 11-12 hours straight through at night, I would have laughed in your face! Yet this is exactly what Lucy helped us achieve!

Our 14 month old son had been fed and rocked to sleep his entire life, woke up multiple times a night and would more often than not end up in our bed. With another baby on the way we knew things had to change.

I was opposed to the ‘cry it out’ method but Lucy gave us a gentle “fade out” plan that meant minimal crying and didn’t want to make us give up after the first night. The first two nights were admittedly tough, but not nearly as hard as I thought they would be. By the end of the first week our son was sleeping through and not long after that we were putting him in to his cot, saying good night, leaving the room, and within a couple of minutes (of zero crying), he’d be fast asleep. Incredible!

We can’t recommend Lucy enough. We live abroad and even with the time difference, Lucy was always on hand to offer sensible and calming advice. Our calls with her were always informative and reassuring and she responded quickly on whatspp. If anyone is struggling with sleep, we would say call Lucy now!

Tom, Jessica and Zachary (14m)