It has been incredible and literally life changing … Lucy is a miracle worker … don’t wait as long as we did!


My son was 17 months old and still not sleeping. He was up several times a night and my husband and I were exhausted. We had wanted to try a sleep consultant for a while but our son was always poorly with something or other.

I had an initial consultation with Lucy and talked through my concerns. Lucy put me at ease right away and has experience of helping children sleep even if they suffer from various ailments (eg food intolerances, excema, wheeziness). I felt confident that Lucy would be able to help us. A week or so later my husband and I had a call with Lucy – it was a detailed call where Lucy presented to us a plan based on a questionnaire we filled out and our discussions. We started it the following night feeling a little nervous – we only had one wake up and it was brief. Lucy is a miracle worker. Since that first night our son has stirred a few times but we haven’t been in and he is now sleeping through.

We have followed all of Lucy’s advice and we couldn’t believe how Lucy worked her magic so quickly for us. It has been incredible and literally life changing – we now all get sleep and each day is much easier to face. Our son also wakes up happy in the morning rather than screaming and he is much more content during the day too.

We cannot thank Lucy enough for her support and advice. My own advice would be don’t wait as long as we did – sleep or the lack of it is tough and worth remedying sooner rather than later.


Kathryn, Ken & Fabian (17m)