This has changed our lives … Effie is a happy content baby and we now function more as a family unit

0-1Before I contacted Lucy my 8 month old daughter Effie would only sleep for an hour at a time and needed me to feed her, rock her and shhh her until she was sound asleep again. She only napped for 20 minutes at a time and we found that all three of us had hit a point of exhaustion that just couldn’t go on any longer.

After my video consultation with Lucy and seeing her in depth assessment and plan I knew it was going to be a big change for all three of us as a family. No dummy, No feeding to sleep and no rocking. I thought it was impossible. But I had confidence that if we stuck with it we could finally start getting back on track as a family.

The first week was tough as my daughter was very strong willed! But I had total support from Lucy and complete trust that her suggestions would work. She has continued to support us as a family through small hiccups (teething/feeding etc).

Five weeks down the line we now have a baby that doesn’t need a dummy AT ALL. She naps for around three hours in total during the day in her cot. Self settles herself within 5 mins through the night when she wakes and the only night feed is a dream feed.

This has changed our lives. Other people have commented on how much better Myself and my partner look, Effie is a happy content baby and as a whole we now function more as a family unit. This is all down to Effie sleep training and I couldn’t be more grateful to Lucy for giving us back our identities!

Kat, Matt and Effie (8m)