I am amazed at how quickly things turned around!

fileI had the pleasure of being introduced to Lucy when I was at my wits end with my 17 month old who for various reasons, was going through a terrible patch in terms of her sleep.

Lucy is the perfect mix of calm, reassuring, supportive and positive plus the fact that she has been through this herself as a Mum made me feel immediately at ease in explaining everything to her openly, including bawling on one of our calls as I was so worried about my daughter not getting enough sleep!

Lucy’s support and positivity throughout this extremely challenging time was invaluable – in just 4 (very long and trying!) nights my daughter went from standing in her cot screaming and having 4-5 hours sleep a night to sleeping through the night and went back to napping in the routine I had previously set for her!

At the point I was referred to Lucy, I was a sleep deprived zombie trying to juggle a fulltime job with a 2 hour commute each day and a wonderful but demanding 4 year old son too, so in short was surviving on 2-4 hours sleep every night.

I have always assumed that seeking support from a Sleep Nanny might mean being asked to do “controlled crying” which is not something I am personally comfortable with, but Lucy listened patiently to my worries, assured me that this was not the route we would take but that we would get to the point where my daughter can “be left to cry for a few minutes to then learn to settle herself and sleep through the night, which is our end goal” and we discussed how we would tackle the problem together.

I am amazed at how quickly things turned around, I cannot thank Lucy enough for her help and would recommend her to anyone that has the time to listen to me sign her praises – she has helped me get my smiley, giggly, happy little girl back and for that, I am eternally grateful.

LARA & PENNY (17m)