He sleeps through the night … Lucy has transformed our lives!

Louise and MarleyAfter 19 months of ongoing sleep deprivation, our household had reached breaking point. Our sons sleep was continuously disturbing myself & partner, but more importantly our 8 year old daughter.

After having severe reflux & CMPA (Cows Milk Protein Allergy), he had never learnt to settle himself, and could not sleep without any assistance. We had tried almost everything, from co sleeping to going back to dream feeds!

We were originally under the belief that we just had a child ‘who didn’t sleep’, but Lucy assured us from our 1st conversation that we could….and would.

Lucy completely understood & was empathetic to our situation. The support & encouragement along with being able to ring whenever we felt the need for reassurance was great. She explained with enthusiasm & detail about how we could make positive changes to suit our sons temperament.

By the 2nd night he had slept through. On the 3rd day, we even had to ring Lucy to ask if we had to wake him after he had slept soundly for 12 hours!

We are delighted to now say he sleeps through the night. It has been astonishing how quickly it has happened, and we will be forever thankful to Lucy for her support & knowledge.

Our home is now has a much calmer environment, and my son is so much more contented now he’s getting the sleep he requires. Even his nursery have noticed how much happier he is.

Lucy is a very enthusiastic & empathic sleep consultant, and she has transformed our lives.

To be on the other side of sleep deprivation feels amazing!

Louise, Luke & Marley (19m)