Standard Package: £325

My most popular package, the Standard offers a detailed assessment of your child’s sleep challenges, an in-depth 1:1 video consultation and bespoke sleep plan, plus daily WhatsApp support during that crucial first week of implementation and eight 15 minute support calls over the following month.

Dedicated support really does make that difference: it gives you the confidence to see the plan through and regular updates mean that I can quickly spot if I need to make any tweaks so that you, and your child, don’t lose momentum.

  • Detailed assessment of your child’s sleep challenges
  • An in-depth 1:1 video consultation
  • Bespoke sleep plan
  • UNLIMITED 24/7 support in Sleep Nanny Support™ group
  • A copy of The Sleep Nanny System™ (e-book)
  • A video recording of the consultation
  • Eight 15 minute support calls at agreed points over either two weeks or thirty days where we review progress
  • A daily support email or WhatsApp exchange during the first week for additional support.

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